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Johann Holledauer

John Holledauer

(Translator and solely responsible for the English language of the Academy Germanische Heilkunde)

As a native Austrian, I attended the first seminar of Germanische Heilkunde in 1997. This holistic study became an integral part of my life and has accompanied me ever since.

More than two years ago, I was commissioned by the Academy to translate the homepage, which is firmly established in the German language, and all existing seminar programs from the German original into the English language in their entirety. Since then, this task has become a true vocation for me.

Due to the complexity of the homepage and the different languages, the number of visitors has increased enormously, which is why it became necessary to establish a separate homepage for each language and a head office in the USA.

Currently, more than 40 seminar tutorials are offered in the online store as a digital download product. Each seminar tutorial consists of a seminar video (VOD), between one and two hours in length, an e-book, and an MP3 audiobook. In addition, online study groups are available to our students.

Up to 59 seminar tutorials will finished at the end of the year 2022, when the translation of all study programs will be complete.

As the sole responsible for the English language, I will personally continue to manage and maintain the homepage, the social media, and the online study groups.

Aankondiging voor onderhoud van onze website

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